Almaya Headquarters

  • Location : DUBAI, U.A.E.
  • Sector : Corporate
  • Client : AL MAYA GROUP
  • Area : 66,000 sq.ft.
  • Status : ONGOING
  • Year : 2018

Delegated as Design Consultant and Project Manager for Dubai Head Office of AL MAYA GROUP- whose business line consists of distribution of food products, supermarket and lifestyle retail , SM+D designed the office to fit in the demand for minimal but contemporary dubai scene.

An on-going project in 2018 which is to serve as their Head Office in Dubai, incorporates office space with double height Reception Halls, open bridges and hallways  that connects different divisions of spaces. Bright workstations and interactive break rooms with use subtle shades of bright colors adds to the pleasant ambience needed. A more corporate and modern looking space was brought together by adding small and minimal details along with the play of furnishing and lighting! While the Management and Executive section of the building had much warmer and premium look.