Cory's Coffee Shop

  • Location : DUBAI
  • Sector : Food & Beverage
  • Area : 2,800 sq.ft.
  • Status : COMPLETED
  • Year : 2015

SM+D with the Design studio are assigned to propose a new branding for a coffee-restaurant on a hypothetical mall location. This is one of the exercises of branding creation that SM+D are also offering to client and very well specialized into.

SM+D created distinctive designs concept based on the client requirements with consideration   to the image and product that they wanted to sell and be known of. With all the client briefing and requirements, a dialogue and initial presentation for mood imagery were presented and carefully studies on to which we can adopt inferences and propose to the client.

A subtle beige and wood palette resembling the coffee and bean shade are taken as a primary concept for which graphics and geometric elements had taken into form. A soothing relaxing ambient is the intent enhanced with a decorative lighting fixture to further give character at first glance at the restaurant.