Landmark Group Headquarters

  • Location : DUBAI, U.A.E.
  • Sector : Corporate
  • Area : 300,000 sq.ft.
  • Status : COMPLETED
  • Year : 2015

Landmark Group is one of the UAE’s great success stories with the new 23 storey tower headquarters in Dubai Marina representing a benchmark project for the city.

SM+D completed the project in 2015, LMG HQ is a multi-level stand-alone building which incorporates several departments, executive and management spaces and offices of big brands merchandised by Landmark Group. 

The project called for a retail look and feel with consideration given to the Group’s commercial structure of many diverse brands. Concept sketches and design ideas were developed and strategized for the office interior to create a sophisticated approach yet timeless designs maintaining the modern and contemporary corporate look

In this process SM+D worked closely with the owners and the steering board committee in evolving the concepts of each and every space into dynamic and user friendly environment. A special attention has been given to the reception, common spaces and executive areas which were envisioned to carry the brand image in a strong but composed way.