Roseberry Mirdiff City Centre

  • Location : Uptown Mirdiff, U.A.E.
  • Sector : FMCG
  • Client : EIG (Emirates International Group)
  • Area : 8, 000 sq.ft.
  • Status : COMPLETED
  • Year : 2016

Roseberry is yet another SM+D’s expertise in developing a completely new unique concept in the market. It is a unique yet modern supermarket chain with “Farm to kitchen” as their operational philosophy- the grocery and supermarket centers around fresh and wholesome good food. SM+D is the master mind behind the Branding & Concept Design of Roseberry Supermarkets, delivered a broader design scope to satisfy the Client’s need.

This design showcases our expertise in the designing + project management in the segment of FMCG.

It was a different approach to supermarkets from being a white plain grid walls, we designed the supermarket to be warm and approachable to the customers, making it “an always clean market” look n’ feel. Provided with ample specialist lighting for display items to be get the focus, creating not just a supermarket but “your own kitchen” ambiance too! A design that unifies the store as a whole, while treating each department in its own exclusive manner. A store with a vintage look and feel, bringing out a sense of elegance in each corner, retaining its functionality.

A clearly planned space both functionally and elegantly , zoned in such a way that can induce customers to meander through every part of the store gaining interest to linger around and pick up one more item.