Star Cinemas Sharjah

  • Location : SHARJAH – U. A. E.
  • Sector : Entertainment & Leisure
  • Area : 57,000 SQFT
  • Status : ONGOING
  • Year : 2018

Star Cinemas which provides one of the leading cinema experiences in UAE approached SM+D for launching its all new - spic and span cinema concept with a radical shift from the conventional model. Having screens along multiple locations in UAE, Star Cinemas have its own premium style of theatre interiors.

A new approach for cinema concept, with usage of indirect lighting and playful application of acoustical materials to come up with an elegant yet cost effective fully functional movie theatre was the outcome of design. 
The long corridor having lit info graphics for way finding , the design team developed subtle contrast with dark grey and Oakwood color to connect the space with its needed smooth transition .The interiors with modern and stark elements ,developed  the distinctive atmosphere with use of sharp lines and cut patterns.

By fully taking advantage of the high ceiling, the proposal had been able to maximize the full potential of the site by utilizing it for more visuals and screens. A new approach also had been introduced at the VIP area using the same design elements already established and adding a touch of classical concept.