Umesh Mirchandani Villa

  • Location : DUBAI
  • Sector : Residential
  • Client : MR.UMESH
  • Area : 5,822 sq.ft.
  • Status : ONGOING
  • Year : 2018

Located in Dubai Silicon Oasis area, the work program covered the entire residence and required a complete renovation of the villa. SM+D design team focusing mainly on the client’s needs, developed a design language with the use of concrete and wooden finishes carefully selecting the texture and feel to create a smooth transition between the two with a unique contrast.

Among the design highlights in the villa are client’s satisfaction with the design and overall FF&E selection inclusive of accents like furnishings and paintings. The accent color being the concrete texture use of concealed lighting in various spaces adds to the luxury feel. Each of the family members from different design briefs were provided with distinctive design solutions yet bringing together all their ideas into a common coherent palette.

Exterior landscape has been looked in detail from lighting to flooring highlighting the sculpture with different outdoor material finishes.