Uno Pizzeria & Grill Jizan

  • Location : Jizan, K.S.A.
  • Sector : Food & Beverage
  • Client : UNO Chicago - Pizzeria and Grill
  • Area : 14,000 sq.ft.
  • Status : COMPLETED
  • Year : 2018

SM+D with the Design & Build Team envisioned and realized a brand new concept for Uno Pizzeria Gourmet Food chain from Chicago into their expansion in the regions of UAE and Middle East. The existing traditional Chicago theme needed a fresh and breezy look as a refreshed model to penetrate into the GCC and Middle East Market.

SM+D created distinctive prototype designs for different models ranging from a high street concept to a mall interior concept. The design modularity got further scaled up in creating much larger and interesting concepts like stand-alone building concepts. 

A rustic modern approach on exterior were adopted, a fusion of old and new for the young and mature visitor. An outdoor spill over on the dining experience were also introduced along with an outdoor play area to make the whole place active. Dynamic landscape combining greeneries, wood finish and water feature to further make the surrounding more natural were also proposed as a pocket parks in front of the store.