Al Amir Villa

  • Location : KSA
  • Sector : Residential
  • Client : MR.AL-AMIR
  • Area : 12, 000 sq.ft
  • Year : 2016

Appointed as Design Consultant for a Luxurious Villa in Saudi Arabia, SM+D delivered the design with utmost change from conventional design villa to Modern Sophisticated designs.

The exterior was combined with very sleek elements along massive textured structure, to do the trick for a wide big house. Warm and indirect lighting design on the exterior and interior adds drama in all the space. Wide courtyards, canopies and louvers bring the play of natural sunlight to the interior space.

 Working with a variety of materials, such as wood, marble and concrete texture, the design team gave a modern twist to interior lighting to enhance the horizontal line element given throughout the villa interiors.